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Tim Vilasamani Kirkpatrick : Craniosacral Therapy and Trauma Release Exercises


One of my teachers said at one point that the bottom line in his vast experience of working with clients is that 'we need to learn to feel the feelings' and that only then can we acknowledge and digest this unresolved material and move on. This seems like the truth to me, but also points to the importance of embodiment as a prerequisite for healing, since it is a prerequisite for feeling. This process I think of as the naming of lost parts.

The treatments that I offer are intended to support clients in their (re)embodiment process, to help them reclaim these lost parts and achieve a greater sense of coherent wholeness and health. At the same time I respect that we are strangers to our bodies for a reason, that there are difficult visceral feelings that we have been holding at bay, but which are driving our experience of being in the world. And these feelings might well be early, preverbal and preconscious. Slow and safe supportive work is key to coming into relationship with these imprints and releasing the potency bound in them.

Craniosacral holding assists in regulating the nervous system and introducing us to the subtle sensations in the body that are the basis of self knowledge and self discovery.

TRE is a simple way of getting the body to tremor involuntarily, allowing us to sense ourselves more fully and discharge fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses and find an always available sense of safety in our bodies.

Both can be done in person or online.

Please see the separate pages on
Craniosacral Therapy and Trauma Release Exercises for more information, and a bio here.

A great interview with Bessel van der Kolk on trauma in the body


In person in London NW1 or online via Zoom.

For enquiries e-mail via
Contact Me below or phone : 07973 309623

Craniosacral & TRE 1-1 sessions are for 60 minutes and cost £65. Online CST appointments are at a special offer rate of £55 until 2023.

Payment is via bank transfer or cash and details will be sent at time of booking.

Concessions available to benefit recipients.

24 hrs notice of cancellation, please, or the full amount payable.